Ivy Preparatory Academy

Governing Board

Regular Meeting - Tuesday July 28th, 2020 @6:00 PM

Meeting Agenda

Ivy Preparatory Academy 1 minutes

Held at the following location:
Ivy Preparatory Academy @Kirkwood
1807 Memorial Drive, SE
Atlanta, GA 30317

Below is an agenda of items scheduled to be considered. Unless otherwise stated, items may be taken out of the order presented on the agenda at the discretion of the chair.

Reasonable efforts will be made to assist and accommodate persons with a disability. Please contact Dr. Charcia Nichols at 404-622-2727. Request should be made as early as possible to arrange the accommodations, no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting

Welcome and Vision/Mission 5 minutes

Meeting Call to order; Victor Tate (Board Chair)

Roll Call: Victor Tate (Board Chair)

Vision: Dr. William Epps (Vice Chair)

The Ivy Preparatory Academy for Girls at Kirkwood cultivates leaders who manifest change in the world.


The Ivy Preparatory Academy for Girls at Kirkwood fosters a culture of collaboration, passion for learning, integrity, and servant leadership.

Public Comment 10 minutes

Our Public Comment period is for members of the public to address the board. Each member of the public may sign up to comment at the meeting, and will be allotted three minutes. The board will listen, but may not directly respond to any comments. Our meetings are open to the public and public record. As such, if your comment is about a private matter, please contact the board via email, or speak to the board chair privately.

Rountine Business 5 minutes

Approval of Agenda- Kanethia Henderson (Board Secretary)

Oral Reports 20 minutes

Head of Schools- Network Report - Dr. Charcia Nichols

Chief Financial Officer - Financial Report - Mrs. Laticia Sharp

Strategic Planning and Development 20 minutes

Property Updates: Braxton Nelson (Treasurer)

Slate of Officers: Dr. William Epps (Vice Chair)

Potential Board Members: Victor Tate (Chair)

RFP Updates: Braxton Nelson

Consent Items 10 minutes

Approval of Minutes of July 13, 2020 - Governance Meeting

Approval of Minutes of July 14, 2020 - Committee of the Whole

Approval of Minutes of July 16, 2020 - Emergency Board Meeting

Approval of RFPs

Action Items 5 minutes

Approval of Slate of Officers

Approval of New Board Members

Approval of Board Meeting Dates

Adjournment 5 minutes

Next Governance Meeting:

Next Committee of the Whole Meeting:

Next Board Meeting:

Executive Session 20 minutes

Purpose of the Executive Session is to discuss personnel matters