Ivy Preparatory Academy

Committee of the Whole

Regular Meeting - Tuesday June 9th, 2020 @6:00 PM

Meeting Agenda

Welcome and Call to Order 1 minutes

Meeting Call to order: Victor Tate ( Board Chair)

Roll Call: Victor Tate (Board Chair)

Vision: Dr. William Epps (Board Vice Chair)

The Ivy Preparatory Academy for Girls at Kirkwood cultivates leaders who manifest change in the world.


The Ivy Preparatory Academy for Girls at Kirkwood fosters a culture of collaboration, passion for learning, integrity, and servant leadership.

Academic Sessions 20 minutes

Head of Schools - Network Report - Dr. Charcia Nichols

Finance Session 20 minutes

Chief Financial Officer - Financial Reports - Ms. Latisha Sharp

Human Resource Policy Review

Governance Session 15 minutes

Strategic Planning and Development

Property Updates: Victor Tate (Board Chair), Dr. William Epps, and Braxton Nelson (Treasure)