Simple board management for charter schools

Save time on meeting documents, stay in compliance, and hold efficient board meetings using simple and easy to use tools.  No headaches.  No training required.

Agenda Editor

Prepare your meeting agenda and board packet faster than before.
Everything you need to plan more productive board and committee meetings.
Agenda Templates
Create custom templates for recurring agenda items.  Add items to the agenda with just a click.
File Attachments
Attach files to each agenda item so members can review all materials in one place.
Previous Meetings
Quickly add previous meeting minutes for approval or committee reports for member review.
Quick Editing
Easily update or move agenda items without worrying about formatting issues.
Member Collaboration
Send your agenda and board packet to members so they can review and provide feedback.
Agenda Sharing
Upload the agenda to your public website with a press of a button or generate a PDF version.

Minutes Recorder

Spend less time taking minutes and keep your meetings focused.
No more extensive note taking or battling word docs.
Quick Add from Agenda
Agenda items and descriptions are automatically imported so you can add to your minutes with a single click.  Most of the work is done for you.
Motion Details
Record actions with a simple form.  Select member names from a drop-down, add action details, and record final vote.
Minutes Sharing
Meeting minutes are auto-generated upon adjournment.  Simply upload minutes to your public website in seconds or download a PDF.

Public Portal

Easily share board information and meeting documents with the public.
Stay in compliance, increase transparency, and build more trust with your community.
Hosted Website
Your own dedicated board website to share meeting documents and important board information with the public.  
Board Documents
Share all your meeting agendas and minutes, committee documents, board member bios, charter, budget, reports, and policies.
Simple Upload
Upload board information and documents to your public site in seconds, without any web development experience.

File Storage

Organize all your meeting documents in one place.
Documents and Files
Create and store all your agendas and minutes in one place. This also includes committee
meeting documents.
Cloud Access
Access and view all your board and committee documents from any device, any time.
File Security
Your meeting documents are backed up multiple times and secured with update to date measures.

Make it easier to manage your board meetings

No more dealing with the hassles of board meeting documents.  That means less time spent jumping through hoops, and more time spent on academic achievement.

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