Bricolage Academy

Finance Committee

Finance Committee Meeting - Monday February 10th, 2020 @2:30 PM

Meeting Summary of Actions

Meeting Summary

The Finance Committee met on Monday February 10th, 2020 @2:30 PM for what was scheduled to be a 0 hours and 57 minutes long meeting. Present: Merritt Lane, Yvette Jones, Melissa Carollo, Harlan Bush Not Present: none

The members considered the following items:

  1. Record Attendance and Guests, L. Orgeron
  2. Welcome and Call to Order, M. Lane
  3. Approve Minutes: 11/19/19
  4. Finance, L. Orgeron

The committee considered 2 motions, of which 1 passed, and 0 failed:

  1. call the meeting to order. (proposed)
  2. approve minutes from 11/19/19 Finance Committee Meeting. (passed)

    The meeting adjourned at 10:16AM