Bricolage Academy

Governing Board

Bricolage Academy Board of Directors Meeting - Wednesday March 10th, 2021 @4:00 PM

Meeting Agenda

Call the Meeting to Order, Yvette Jones 1 minutes

Introductions 5 minutes

Approval of Minutes 5 minutes

  • Approval of 1/31/21 minutes

Report of the CEO, Troave' Profice 10 minutes

Report of the Finance Committee, Merritt Lane 10 minutes

Report of the Strategic Planning Committee, Norman Barnum 5 minutes

Petition for Voluntary Recognition of BAEU 10 minutes

  • Speaker in favor of petition 5 minutes
  • Speaker against petition 5 minutes

Executive Session: Legal Advice on Collective Bargaining 20 minutes

Adjourn Meeting, Yvette Jones 1 minutes


  1. adjourn meeting.